Swimming with the sharks

Last Tuesday, I met a couple of swell board gaming chaps who invited me to their regular Poker night.  2 days later I was sitting around a table with 7 cold-blooded veterans.  The entry fee was upfront, the mood was tense, the bluffs were large, and the offered beverages were conspicuously potent.  After an early … Continue reading

Goose eggs till half

A week ago I went to the baseball to see the New York Mets v Atlanta Braves.  We won.  I almost looked like a real American, with my hotdog and a beer.  It was pretty dull for the 1st half, with mostly goose eggs on the scoreboard, but then they started taking more risks and … Continue reading

A man of the arts

I’ve really been arting it up in NYC.  In London, I grew a passion for the fine arts when I saw a few plays, operas, ballets and best of all attended the Shakepeare’s Globe with my buddies.  Without really realising it, I’ve already pursued a lot of it here in NYC too. When Kay and … Continue reading

NYC Fooled Me

I bumped into a website that mentioned that the 27th annual April Fool’s Day parade was happening this morning.  I’d already missed the Paddy’s Day parade so I wanted to try and catch some other authentic little display of Yank frivolity, and this seemed like the perfect occaision.  I got there early, but soon realised … Continue reading


I’m in NYC now and the locals are always telling me how much they love it.  I’m resistant because I so adored London.  It’s going to take me a while before I allow myself to feel like one of these Americans.  Everything here is big: the skyscrapers, the cars, the food, the drinks, the people, … Continue reading

No pokusa in Poland

A week before leaving London, my old Polish housemates Marcin and Ola mentioned that they had a spare room in Gdansk.  I invited myself there for 3 days and we had a swell time catching up and playing a few games.  When they lived with me in London, I felt like we’d only just started … Continue reading

Farewell my dear London

It’s been just over 4 years and I had to leave because, under the new system, I didn’t have enough points for a new visa.  I really loved London (and many things about my life there) and potentially would have stayed long-term, if I’d been allowed.  I loved the city because it was full of … Continue reading

What’s All This?

I’m no Latin expert, but according to my calculations “carpe urbe” should translate roughly as “seize the city”.  I made it up and it seems fitting for my life at the moment.  I spent the last 4 years in London, trying to capture what it had to offer, and now I’m doing the same in … Continue reading