Farewell my dear London

It’s been just over 4 years and I had to leave because, under the new system, I didn’t have enough points for a new visa.  I really loved London (and many things about my life there) and potentially would have stayed long-term, if I’d been allowed.  I loved the city because it was full of age and culture.  I loved the UK because it wasn’t hot and had so many different cultures and accents so near to each other.  I loved the people because they are modest and polite and full of banter.  I loved the atmosphere of the British pub and the taste of British ales.

Most of all, I’ll miss the people that I came to consider as my close friends.  These people were mostly from work and board gaming.  I’d had trouble finding my place for the 1st 2 years, but I gradually bumped into these people and grew to love spending time with them.  Indeed I was caught a little by surprise at how much love they showed me when I left, and that’s when I realised that they were going to miss me as much as I them.

I have an American passport (thanks Mum) so going to the States had always been my backup plan for whenever I had to leave the UK.  I love big cities, so LA or NYC were the obvious choices, but I’d seen LA already and NYC seemed closer to London (in atmosphere and distance).  The grand sum of my preparations for NYC was to horde my leave days so that I could comfortably take a month to find my feet in NYC.  Apart from that, I had no idea, except that I’d just walk in and try to find myself a flat and a job.

One Response to “Farewell my dear London”
  1. evelyn hadrill says:

    Glad that you liked London and sorry that you had to leave – that’s us for you.
    Evelyn. (Cousin of Annalisa by marriage to Sid)

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