Goose eggs till half

A week ago I went to the baseball to see the New York Mets v Atlanta Braves.  We won.  I almost looked like a real American, with my hotdog and a beer.  It was pretty dull for the 1st half, with mostly goose eggs on the scoreboard, but then they started taking more risks and it got exciting.  It was amazing how many giveaways, mini-chants and splash-vids were on the screen to try and keep the crowd interested.  I personally enjoyed the Pepsi launchers which could propel a can from the field right up to the top level of seating.

I also saw New York’s unofficial Easter Hat Parade.  It’s unofficial because there’s no program or plan, but they do block off a big stretch of road so that the people can walk around parading their hats while everyone else walks around watching them parade their hats.

You know you’re in America when …
– a single mattress, designed for a single person … is called a twin.

3 Responses to “Goose eggs till half”
  1. p0p says:

    Yeah dude Baseball, like cricket is an acquired taste. Try a football game when it starts. Good to see you are out and about being a part of New York.

  2. Durham says:

    Anyone ever killed by flying pepsi cans?

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