Swimming with the sharks

Last Tuesday, I met a couple of swell board gaming chaps who invited me to their regular Poker night.  2 days later I was sitting around a table with 7 cold-blooded veterans.  The entry fee was upfront, the mood was tense, the bluffs were large, and the offered beverages were conspicuously potent.  After an early lead, my chips slowly trickled away, but I held on till the end and won 2nd place for $50.  It really was a fantastic night with some real New Yorkers.  Thanks R&R.

My other sharkish news is that I’ve been working through the interview process at a large hedge fund.  I’m currently navigating some delicate negotiations.  Fingers crossed.  Alex’s words of wisdom were “Good luck with this sir, although a hedge fund means you will now be working for evil, world-destroying Capitalists… not us friendly librarians. But I guess a job’s a job.”  I’m actually looking forward to the challenge.

You know you’re in America when …
– the water-level in the toilet is always fearfully high.

4 Responses to “Swimming with the sharks”
  1. p0p says:

    “a couple of swell board gaming chaps”??? Dude, it’s time to let go. You’re in the big apple now.

  2. thatpokerguy says:

    Congratulations on your $50 Win :) .Looks like you guys had a proper solid game with all the bluffing and tension moments in the game. How much did the winner get? I remember that during my first home game we had to look at poker hand rankings every 10 seconds because no one knew what poker was all about

    • Nato says:

      Cheers. There was 8 players at $20 each, so we awarded $90, $$50 and $20 to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places respectively. We all had a pretty good idea of the rankings.

  3. K says:

    …and the toilet is really low to the ground!!!! :O

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