The Agent

When I went to the Mets baseball a few weeks ago, they mentioned a blood drive where donors would receive 2 free tickets to an upcoming game.  It was perfect timing for me because this is a once-a-year event where they bring in blood nurses from all over the state and take thousands of donations in a single day.  Sure enough, I rolled up my sleeve and got my freebie tickets.  Score!

Last Monday was the free game and I opted for a man-date with my recruitment agent, Nick.  He’s been doing heaps of work with me to prepare for and negotiate the job at the hedge fund, so he deserved it.  It was a great time, except that I had to watch him eat an ox-liver and cow-tongue sandwich.  I still feel queasy just typing it.  I showed him Carcassonne (his 1st eurogame) and he mastered it so quickly that he played a nearly flawless 2nd game.  It made me proud.  At the baseball, we had the requisite beers and hotdogs, and he taught me the curious art of adding mustard to a pretzel and how to shell over-priced peanuts onto the floor.  It was great to be able to ask a pro about all the finer points of the game, too.  When the wind and rain came, though, he was a bit soft and, with the scoreboard already looking dismal, we opted to bail early.

Nick went home like a responsible, employed person, but I stopped in for a few cheekies at my favourite local, the Nancy Whiskey.  The bar is so fun, with chilled out regulars and new people always willing to engage in a little banter.  The shuffleboard table is probably the key, as it gets people talking, given that it’s so old-school and different.  The game is sort of like lawn-bowls or curling, where you try to slide your pucks into the point zones and/or knock your opponent’s pucks out.  I pulled out my old trick of striking up a convo and getting involved in a game with some strangers, which turned into a merry occasion.

3 Responses to “The Agent”
  1. sherine says:

    so when are you do you start your 9 to 5?:)

    • sherine says:

      (Actually Lloyd, but logged in as Sherine and too lazy to log out and log back in again)

      You can get pork tongue pretty easily in the UK too (Sainsbury’s sells it, along with Ox tongue) and though it’s an acquired taste as it’s quite a bit richer than most meats, it is delicious!

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