Seize the music

I’m happy to report that in the past month I’ve managed to see my top 3 bands of the last 2 years.  These are the 3 new (for me) bands that I’ve been listening to over and over on Spotify.  I saw Rodrigo y Gabriela, Florence + the Machine, and Regina Spektor.  I also managed to see an old favourite, Terra Naomi.  They were all fab.

Back in London, I didn’t make the effort or expense to see bands and I missed out on some good acts, so I was determined to keep my eye open here in NYC.  My wallet is a little poorer, but at least I can now declare that I have seized the music.

I think my favourite was Regina.  She was so quirky and unprofessional, making a few mistakes and silly comments.  She was so real.  The venue was also grubby and a good match for her anti-folk style.

At Florence, though, I had interesting experience in that I ended up chatting to the people around me.  I know all you Londoners are squirming in their seats at the thought of this.  It was a little weird for me too because I’ve grown used to your ways.  It’s certainly safer to keep a mysterious bubble of silence around your body, but on the other hand chatting to strangers sometimes makes for more fun, especially when on your own.

You kow you’re in USA when…
– you get charged for inbound and outbound calls on your cell (aka mobile phone).


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