To Brooklyn and back

I like being fit, but when it comes to exercise I’m a bare-minimum kind of guy.  Doing a single 6km run every Saturday morning is just enough to keep me healthy.  I’d dreamt of running through Central Park, but it’s too far away from my pad in Chinatown and, besides, I’ve possibly found something even better.  I run over the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge in a 6km loop from my flat.  As you can imagine, the view is quite picturesque.  Sometimes it rains early, which I love because there’s less tourists to dodge.  I once saw 3 guys on penny farthings and was able to keep pace.  That was cool.

3 Responses to “To Brooklyn and back”
  1. Pop (although i refuse to listen to pop) says:

    Good to see you running in a Live t-shirt. After reading of your recent forays into the pop culture i was afraid you’d forgotten your roots.

    • Nato says:

      It’s your shirt, remember. It was too old for you so I took it, about 3 years ago and have worn it weekly since.
      I don’t actually run in it, anyway. That was a touristy photo. I’m too hard to stop and take a photo in the middle of a run.

  2. kdisleaze says:

    What a marvellous run – I love the Brooklyn Bridge, Oak and I went over it at midnight one night and it was pretty empty!

    K xx

    PS Loving the t-shirt as well, I saw them over there 14 years ago! :D

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