Manhattan Mayhem

Last weekend, I watched another local roller derby bout between the Manhattan Mayhem and Brooklyn Bombshells.  The score ebbed and flowed and came right down to the wire.  At parts, the bout got really heated and the refs needed to have big pow wows for some of their decisions.  The atmosphere was top-rate, with jeerleaders, mascots and a half-time Swan-lake-on-skates dance.  One of the Brooklyn girls, Sexy Sladie, was a whole head taller than anyone else and she smacked the smaller jammers off the track at every opportunity.  It was almost painful to watch, but the girls didn’t give up and in the end Manhattan was the victor and still undefeated this year.  I was cheering for both teams, to be encouraging, but I secretly liked Manhattan more, because it’s my home.  I loved the night so much that I even talked myself into buying a T-shirt.

After the bout, the crowd was encouraged to join the girls at a bar nearby, which I dutifully did, sporting my new attire.  We had an exclusive room, which was nice because we were all there to celebrate the win.  The derby girls made a scene and even a little dancing on the bar.  I made a few single-serving friends, as per usual, and got a few autographs from the stars.

The shirt in the photo shows an American internet meme that I just learnt about, the honey badger –


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