Mermaid Parade

Today was Coney Island’s 30th annual Mermaid Parade.  It’s basically an excuse for eccentric people to dress up and make floats to parade down the road amid cheers from the packed sidewalks.  The mermaid theme was applied fairly loosely so I saw everything from sea creatures to pirates and of course plenty of mermaids with lots of wobbly bits showing.  The mood was festive with plenty of people just out for an entertaining day in the sun.  It was my 1st time to Coney Island and it was a nice experience, though I can see how it’s a total tourist trap.

You know you’re in NYC when…
– a woman will try to walk into you rather than use the available half of the sidewalk.

3 Responses to “Mermaid Parade”
  1. sherine says:

    The V make-up is from the event? I can’t see the pic when accessing from mobile:( Conwy Island is where I had my first Nathan’s hotdog and chilli cheese fries :) as for women running into you – perhaps that’s flirting??

    • Nato says:

      The V make-up (which you spotted on my FB profile) is from a work party. Work’s kinda secretive and zealous about privacy so I didn’t want to post about the party, but it was awesome fun. Nathan’s hotdog = much overrated. Do you remember Quix hotdogs from Mobil petrol stations back home? That’s what they remind me of. Women flirting … nah they’re just rude, the cows.

  2. kdisleaze says:

    This sounds so much fun – apart from the wobbly bits! :P

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