Horsemen of the Oesophagus

Yesterday was the 4th of July, which is quite a big day for my new compatriots.  I decided to honour it by attending the time-honoured tradition of the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island.

The contest goes for only 10 minutes and the goal is simply to eat as many standard hot dogs as possible.  Wet buns go down easier and professionals debate the virtues of dunking vs splashing vs slurping.  They take it pretty seriously.

How many hot dogs can a person eat in 10 minutes?  Sonya Thomas set a new women’s world record of 45 (which is also her age) and Joey Chestnut matched his current world record of 68.  Both were feats of gastranomical proportions.  By my count, Sonya ate 9 in her 1st minute and 7 in her 2nd.  Their speed certainly slowed down as their stomachs started to get full.

It was a sweltering day and the viewing area was like a crowded moshpit, but I relished the experience of attending this dog fight.

Dogged competition –

4 Responses to “Horsemen of the Oesophagus”
  1. Christene Pye says:

    What was your score?

  2. sherine says:

    is it sad that my main association with the 4th july is bill pullman doing his big speech in Independance Day? and now i am going to associate it with hot dog eating competitions – is that the same competition where Kobayashi beat the world record? i remember the names on the board in Coney Island:)

    • Nato says:

      Yep, I was looking around for aliens too.
      Yep, Kobayashi won many times, but refuses to sign an exclusivity contract or something so they won’t let him eat at this event. He started a rival event this year in Brooklyn, but he only managed 58.5 dogs. Kobi was great once but the official results of the last few years clearly favour Chestnut as the champ.

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