Free Phil Harmony

Summer in New York is a veritable feast of free activities.  There are all kinds of free concerts, festivals, and movie screenings in addition to all the regular free things like art galleries and museums.

On Tuesday I watched a Korean film at the Tribeca Cinema and tonight I saw the NY Philharmonic perform some classical pieces in Central Park.  This annual event has recently had 60-70k in attendance, and it once had an amazing 800k people!  It was such a nice social occasion with everyone spreading picnic blankets and sharing nibblies and wine.  It reminded me of going to the free operas in London.

I’ve never actually been too interested in classical music but this was the perfect way to get involved.  While I could just sit at home and stream all the music I want, there’s something about making the effort to go and sit in a park that really helps you pay attention and appreciate it properly.  I might even be becoming a bit of a Tchaikovsky fan.  On that note, I’ll go to bed now with some classical music playing.  That’s what they did in the Korean film and it felt very aristocratic.

One Response to “Free Phil Harmony”
  1. kdisleaze says:

    And, it’s sunny in New York – unlike London!

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