The MP3 Experiment

Imagine sitting in a big park on Governors Island, minding your own business, when suddenly thousands of people drop to the ground and lay still.  Then they all start acting in silent unison doing things like following you, giving you high fives, walking in slow mo and running around with white sheets on their heads.  That was the scene that befell unsuspecting non-participants at yesterday’s MP3 Experiment #9.

Before the event, we downloaded the same mp3 and pressed play at a set time, which proceeded to give us instructions from Steve, the omnipotent voice.  This activity was organised by Improv Everywhere who specialise in creating little dramatic/improvised scenes/activities in public spaces.  ‘No Pants Subway Ride’ is probably their most famous annual stunt.  I’d always wanted to do one since spotting them on youtube years ago and yesterday was my chance.  It truly was fun and the grand finale was an epic water battle wearing shower caps and using water pistols that we’d all brought.

Improv Everywhere

4 Responses to “The MP3 Experiment”
  1. sherine says:

    sounds awesome – am loving reading about all your new experiences:)

  2. kdisleaze says:

    That does sound like awesome fun!!!! I’d love to do something like that as well, what a fantastic and unique experience!!!! Although, I would stay away from the ‘wearing no pants’ event, I’ve seen your legs and… :O

  3. kfullwood says:

    Nice one! Don’t ever lose that boyish enthusiasm…

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