1 in 64 Trillion

On Wednesday I went to a free improv comedy event in Central Park, which turned out to be really fun.  There was about 8 people and somehow they managed to consistently stay on the same page while changing the props, roles and scenarios.

The show was made more enjoyable by the random bumping into of an old school friend.  I had also bumped into her 4 years ago on the tube in London.  What are the chances of bumping into the same person in 2 different cities of 8 million?  You do the maths (or as they weirdly say here, you do the math).

One Response to “1 in 64 Trillion”
  1. sherine says:

    Love improv and what a brilliant setting:) also bumping into old school friends – random but isnt it great when it happens? :D

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