The Letterman experience

Yesterday, I scored last-minute tickets to David Letterman. I had to answer a trivia question, though, so before calling back to confirm, I had to do some online research to prepare. I used to love Letterman but to be honest it was about 17 years ago that I used to watch it regularly, back in … Continue reading

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Brooklyn

A theatre festival was on here and I watched a short musical about 3 ukulele-playing Mormon wives, described as a musical comedy “about the fundamentals of big hair, blind faith, and just how plural a marriage can get.” Yes, it sounds crazy and I quite enjoyed it. Most of it featured the 3 women playing … Continue reading

69 Bayard

I’m starting to develop a tradition with a buddy whereby we watch a free dance or music performance (NYC offers many of these around summertime) and then follow it up with a meal in Chinatown.  He’s Asian and was quite disturbed when I mentioned that I’d been living in Chinatown for 4 months but hadn’t … Continue reading

Mostly Sondheim

Last weekend I was invited to watch my friend perform at Mostly Sondheim.  It’s a weekly event at The Duplex, a piano bar, where people get together for a drink and to perform their favourite show tunes to each other.  It’s sort of like karaoke, but the quality is high, you have to know the … Continue reading

Naked Cowboy

The Naked Cowboy is a staple landmark at Times Square, and I finally remembered to make my pilgrimage last week.  He’s not really naked, but he only wears a big white hat, boots and briefs.  He plays clever tunes on his guitar and poses for tourists’ photos.  His cheekiness is exemplary; he grabs people and … Continue reading

Fondant of fabulousness

Some of my gaming friends decided to throw a surprise b’day for one of our number.  They got together and baked him a scrummy red velvet cake and then used fondant to paint a picture of his favourite computer game character on it.  As you can see, it looked amazing, and it tasted just as … Continue reading

Where’s George?

At my laundromat this weekend, the change machine wouldn’t accept my $1 bill.  On closer inspection, I noticed that the note had been defaced by a blue stamp saying  It turns out that this is a fun social project to track the movements of random bills around the country.  My bill was last spotted … Continue reading

Storm’s Coming

A buddy visited from London and it was great to hang out with him for a few drinks and some gaming.  His flight background has given him a curious fascination with the weather, so when we saw a storm brewing over the Hudson River, he insisted that we stay and watch.  As the black clouds … Continue reading