Storm’s Coming

A buddy visited from London and it was great to hang out with him for a few drinks and some gaming.  His flight background has given him a curious fascination with the weather, so when we saw a storm brewing over the Hudson River, he insisted that we stay and watch.  As the black clouds galloped towards us and the wind picked up, all the sensible people left the riverside in search of real shelter, rather than the shade sail that we were under.  The winds increased to ‘super buffeting’ level and then the rain came, first in a light sprinkle and then in horizontal sheets of saturation.  We ended up lying down behind a small concrete bench half a meter high to minimise our exposure to the horizontal rain.  20 mins later, it was over and we emerged like a pair of soggy rats.  He was right though; it was an experience.  Cheers, Jeff.

2 Responses to “Storm’s Coming”
  1. sherine says:

    as compelling as that sounds – in a nice cosy room with a cup of tea sounds more appealing for me

  2. kdisleaze says:

    I think Nathan that Jeff was taking the piss, and you fell for it! :P

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