Where’s George?

At my laundromat this weekend, the change machine wouldn’t accept my $1 bill.  On closer inspection, I noticed that the note had been defaced by a blue stamp saying wheresgeorge.com.  It turns out that this is a fun social project to track the movements of random bills around the country.  My bill was last spotted chilling out in Brooklyn, before finding me in Chinatown.  I’ll now get updates if someone else logs it on the website.  I know this is kinda nerdy, but it might be interesting.  I wonder where it’ll turn up next…

Where’s George? – http://www.wheresgeorge.com/faq.php

8 Responses to “Where’s George?”
  1. Pop (although i refuse to listen to pop) says:

    Oooh………….don’t put that thing in your mouth. You don’t know where it’s been, oh wait………

  2. durham says:

    Money for nuthin…

  3. kdisleaze says:

    You know you’re in the USA when…
    – you say, ‘At my laundromat this weekend…’ :P

    • Nato says:

      Touche! Oh yeah that’s weird. I think that’s Aussie though; I dunno what they call it here. You say Laundrette right? That was strange to me for a while.

  4. sherine says:

    yeah it is kinda nerdy:)

  5. Oak Aitken says:

    I wonder where that one bill will end up I wonder if it will ever leave the US?

    I love these things, geotags from geocaching and books with bookcrossing, it’s the story of how we move around the world doing our thing.

    • Nato says:

      Now that I think about it, it does feel like the geocaching that I saw you do. The difference is that you have to go and find something, whereas I sit back and wait for it to find me. My method seems a little more efficient, or maybe plain lazy. ;> It’s like when I snake your big castle in Carcassonne just before you close it.

      • Hank says:

        Thanks for your post about Where’s George?! I started the site in 1998.

        Glad you like the site, even if it’s a little “nerdy” (which it is).


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