Naked Cowboy

The Naked Cowboy is a staple landmark at Times Square, and I finally remembered to make my pilgrimage last week.  He’s not really naked, but he only wears a big white hat, boots and briefs.  He plays clever tunes on his guitar and poses for tourists’ photos.  His cheekiness is exemplary; he grabs people and pretends to squeeze their butt for the photos etc.  People blush and laugh and for adding this little splash of colour to their day, they reward him with up to $1000 per day in donations.  Not bad, Naked Cowboy.  Not bad.

3 Responses to “Naked Cowboy”
  1. kdisleaze says:

    Dude, where’s your hand????

  2. sherine says:

    hope you slipped him a fiver for his efforts:)

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