Mostly Sondheim

Last weekend I was invited to watch my friend perform at Mostly Sondheim.  It’s a weekly event at The Duplex, a piano bar, where people get together for a drink and to perform their favourite show tunes to each other.  It’s sort of like karaoke, but the quality is high, you have to know the words and it’s only for musical theatre songs.  There’s a musical genius behind the piano who seems to know how to play anything.

My friend did a great job on a touching song that I didn’t know.  He’s a gaming buddy, so it was unexpected to see this different, talented side of him.  I think my highlght was the 2 MCs because they just did a great job of getting everyone involved and cheekily making people sing more than they’d intended to, while interjecting their own comical stunts and songs.  The best moment was when they made somebody sing Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and they pulled other randoms up to play the parts of the villagers in the song.  It amazed me that everyone knew their parts and wasn’t shy about executing them with gusto.

Most of the people in the room were theatrically trained.  The guys were nearly all gay and wearing tight shorts.  Apparently that’s the stereotype of those who like to sing musicals.  I was very obviously immersed in a strange, other world, that I was not aware of nor part of.  I’d like to have joined in (I do love a little karaoke) but I just didn’t know any musical numbers well enough.  I’d definitely go again, for the humour and the talent.  It was one of those little unexpected pleasures in my week.

2 Responses to “Mostly Sondheim”
  1. kfullwood says:

    Will you be wearing tight shorts, to help with the higher registers?

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