69 Bayard

I’m starting to develop a tradition with a buddy whereby we watch a free dance or music performance (NYC offers many of these around summertime) and then follow it up with a meal in Chinatown.  He’s Asian and was quite disturbed when I mentioned that I’d been living in Chinatown for 4 months but hadn’t yet eaten at a restaurant here.  We’ve eaten a few dishes at a few different places, including the ‘special beef triple’ that I refused to eat as soon as I saw the glandular, wobbly tissue on my plate.  It turned out to be stomach, so I suspect that triple was a misspelling of tripe.  Note to self: special does not mean extra-good.

Tonight, we visited a veritable jewel of Chinatown – a cheap, traveller-tested restaurant with character.  As small Chinese restaurants go, it was quick, cheap and tasty, which is all you really want.  The most noticeable characteristic was that the walls were covered in $1 bills.  It seems that, over many years, people have used sticky tape to add a bill and autograph or doodle on it, to leave their mark on the place.  The resulting aesthetic is quite ugly, but it’s a touching symbol of ownership, like an enduring nod of approval from “the people”.

Some telling reviews of 69 Bayard – http://www.yelp.com/biz/69-chinese-restaurant-new-york

You know you’re in NYC when…
– people get confused at the word flat, because they all say apartment here and feel that there must be some kind of difference, even though they can’t tell you what that difference might be.

4 Responses to “69 Bayard”
  1. sherine says:

    i am slightly disturbed that you have been living in chinatown for so long and hadnt eaten there yet!! glad thats been resolved:) try the classic duck rice as an alternative to the “special beef triple”

  2. Adam Ramsay says:

    Yeah Nato, yummy beef triple; I think by special they meant, that’s where all the food is stored so it can rot a bit before you start digesting it. I suppose its good at least it was equine crock.

  3. kfullwood says:

    You are making me think about a holiday in the states next year. Keep up the good work.

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