The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Brooklyn

A theatre festival was on here and I watched a short musical about 3 ukulele-playing Mormon wives, described as a musical comedy “about the fundamentals of big hair, blind faith, and just how plural a marriage can get.” Yes, it sounds crazy and I quite enjoyed it. Most of it featured the 3 women playing ukulele songs and making puns about being Mormon hillbillies with 10 kids and a gay husband. They did a fantastic job of spoofing modern songs by artists like Lady Gaga and Rihanna. One of my favourite parts was when they were naming all the old Mormon hymns which they claimed had recently been covered by modern pop artists, including ‘I kissed a squirrel and I liked it.’ The story was a bit weak, but the songs of the trio were quality and I could see it working well as a regular comedy act.

The 3 wives made a facebook page for their band/cause –

6 Responses to “The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Brooklyn”
  1. Lloyd says:

    And in the great circular way that is the internet, your link for them, links to their link of you!

  2. kfullwood says:

    So when are you going to get a Uke?

  3. Great article! Just wanted to let you know I have a bunch of great photos of the Ukelele woman if you need a nice one for your story. There are some on my blog but I also have a couple great production photos to. blog Facebook.

    • Nato says:

      Thanks for the offer Christian and yes they are great photos. I decided that I’d always just use my own crappy photos for my blog, though. It’s easier that way and it sets the bar at an attainable level. ;>

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