The Letterman experience

Yesterday, I scored last-minute tickets to David Letterman. I had to answer a trivia question, though, so before calling back to confirm, I had to do some online research to prepare. I used to love Letterman but to be honest it was about 17 years ago that I used to watch it regularly, back in high school (and yes that recognition of the quantity of time that’s elapsed does make me shudder).

I had no idea that The Late Show actually records during the day. They usually do 2 per day. I went from 1 to 4 and most of that time was spent queueing and being herded from one spot to another, before the final 40-50 minutes of actual recording. I was intially confused when 4 German tourists and myself were sent around the corner to wait in the pub, but we discovered that the pub was regularly used as a holding pen for parts of the audience. I suspect that they also hoped we’d all have a drink and be in good spirits for the show.

Indeed, there was a lot of emphasis placed on cheering loudly to make Dave and the show sound funny. It felt a bit forced, or at least well-scripted, but it was pretty decent fun anyway. I completely missed all the American political jokes, though. It was a marvel to watch how well-organised it all was, like a finely oiled machine. Our special guest was Bruce Willis who talked about his upcoming movie, Looper. He’s such a smooth, badass guy.

I followed up with a sandwich from Rupert Jee’s shop, Hello Deli, because Rupert and his sandwiches have become a common part of the show. I think it’s great that he still serves customers in his tacky little shop, even though he now makes much more from souvenirs than from sandwiches.

5 Responses to “The Letterman experience”
  1. sherine says:

    Seriously they test you before you can attend the show?? Sounds cool though and yes, Bruce Willis is awesomely badass :)

  2. Talking of smooth badasses: Who are the lovely ladies?

    • Nato says:

      I asked some random guy to take a photo of me and he was like “do you want our wives to be in it too” so I was all like “sure”. Then the crowd-shepherding, intern guy photo-bombed it, except that “we don’t say the word bomb here”.

    • Nato says:

      Don’t feel too bad about your Letterman rejections, Oak. It’s not like they just hand them out to random German guys walking around Times Square on the day of the shooting … oh wait … actually that’s exactly what they did.

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