Little Italy Dishonoured

I saw this innovative ad on the corner of Little Italy, just near me. Cool, no? Americans say the darndest things: – Porridge is called oatmeal here.

BK, the Mini-Me

When I left London, a little hole was created in my closest circle of gaming friends. I’d like to think that I had provided some clever strategy, shameless aggression, cheekiness, sneakiness and general good humour. How could they possibly find all that again in one package? Enter Bonnie Kate. She’s young, she’s crafty, and she’s … Continue reading

Buy, Sell, Kill

Last weekend was the Empire Skate Showdown, where 8 different roller derby teams from all around the state came together for a one-day tournament. We also saw an exhibition match from the boys. It was an ace day. The bouts were only half of the normal duration, so they were much more physical, fierce and … Continue reading