Buy, Sell, Kill

Last weekend was the Empire Skate Showdown, where 8 different roller derby teams from all around the state came together for a one-day tournament. We also saw an exhibition match from the boys. It was an ace day. The bouts were only half of the normal duration, so they were much more physical, fierce and tense. My 2 local teams, Gotham and Long Island, had a nail-biting standoff, with Gotham narrowly snatching the lead in the last minute before going on to beat Rochester for their 3rd championship in a row. “Buy, Sell, Kill” was the apt motto of Gotham’s team, the Wall Street Traitors. Socialising at the after party was a riot and my highlights were seeing my first beer pong and having a pumpkin beer with cinnamon around the rim, which I felt compelled to make everybody smell. It was delish!

3 Responses to “Buy, Sell, Kill”
  1. Scott says:

    Beer pong?

    • Nato says:

      Yeah. You try to throw a ping pong ball into one of your opponents’ cups and they have to drink it. It’s all the rage with young, party folk in the US. There’s been lots of controversy about it because some folks think beer pong somehow makes uni students more drunk than they normally would be.

  2. kfullwood says:

    A bit like boat racing then…

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