Flash mob said yes

Last weekend, I joined a flash mob to help a random guy propose to his girl while they visitted NYC. Here’s how the mission went down for the couple that shall henceforth be known as Jack and Jill. Jack’s sister posted a meetup online, inviting NYC strangers to join in a flash mob at Washington Square Park on Saturday. I’m not one to let a sneaky opportunity sail by, so I jumped on board. On the day, Jack and Jill played chess in one corner of the park with a conspicuous red heart balloon attached to their bag (and Jill would later complain that he’d employed a crazy chess strategy, as though to distract her). Jack’s sister stood with a white balloon on the other side of the park so that we could rally and receive instructions for this devilishly cunning plan. Jack and Jill finished their game of chess and wandered into the centre of the park near the fountain. They chatted by the fountain while the undetectable mob lurked nearby, trying to observe covertly amongst the regular people. At the appointed time, Jack released the red balloon. While Jill watched it float away, we swarmed in and Jack got on one knee. He popped the question, she said yes, we all cheered, and in a flash they were engaged. She spent the next 10 minutes in shocked amazement at what had just happened, why all these strangers were congratulating her and why her closest friends and family also happened to be amongst the crowd instead of back home watching the football. Congratulations to the couple and well done to everyone on a perfectly planned and executed mission. And thanks for the cookies. The only regret of the day would be the street performers whose huge audience vanished just at the moment that their donation buckets circulated. Just unlucky timing.

One Response to “Flash mob said yes”
  1. kdisleaze says:

    That sounds amazing!!! What a great idea and fantastic for you to be a part of it! :D

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