Rooftop Firefly

Last night I was at a Firefly screening on the roof of a nifty loft apartment in Brooklyn. For the uninitiated (why are we even friends?), Firefly is an 11 year-old sci fi show about a fun crew of space cowboy/smugglers. Fans like yours truly have adored it ever since it was axed after only 1 series. They followed up with a movie called Serenity, and we watched this too, after finishing the series.

There was quite a turn out, with 50 people or so crammed onto the roof, watching the show projected onto a cool old white brick wall. I even bought a cutting hat for the occasion. Watching my fav show under the stars with an enthusiastic crowd and a few beers is my idea of a good Friday night. Thanks for the invite, Jules.

Firefly Behind the Scenes –
She Don’t Like Firefly –

3 Responses to “Rooftop Firefly”
  1. Lloyd says:

    This might be the first (and last time) I’ve ever been jealous of you! We need to have a Firefly night here now… :)

    (Also, *cunning* hat. But we can blame autocorrect.)

    • Nato says:

      No no no. I personally feel that there’s some controversy over the wording of this hat, but how many intelligent hats do you know?

  2. sherine says:

    Woah the whole series + movie in one sitting?! Like it!!! Loving the hat :) Browncoat outfit looks good too

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