The Golden Skate is ours

Last weekend was NYC’s local roller derby championships, with the Brooklyn Bombshells trying to defend their title against the Manhattan Mayhem. I was so happy that my borough, Manhattan, won. Both teams were extremely fired up and skated super fast for the whole match. The girls got aggressive and we saw many trips to the sin bin. Overall, this was the fastest, most aggressive and most determined bout I’ve yet seen. High five, Mayhem!

An unexpected highlight of the night was the intermission act, the Mainsqueeze Accordion Orchestra. Sounds weird, but it was actually pretty good. There was about 10 girls, dressed rather eclectically, with different sized accordions who played Eye of the Tiger, Billy Jean, Star Wars and other cool hits.

I’m continually impressed by the athleticism, commitment and high quality of the whole derby scene. There’s plenty of non-skating helpers but obviously the 8-wheelers are the most noticeable. They train twice a week on weeknights plus most weekends. They travel every month or so to tussle in other cities. They work tirelessly for no pay; just the love of the sport. And all this while they still hold down regular jobs and family commitments.

Heads up Australia! The Gotham Girls and the LA Derby Dolls are touring Australia in November for a banked track exhibition called Xtreme. See a cool video here and their tour dates here

Also, good luck to the Gotham Girls All-Stars when they play for the Hydra Trophy in the upcoming world championships in 3 weeks time.


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