Slice o’ burger

I went out with some friends and found myself a slice of hamburger flavoured pizza at Ray’s Pizza.  Americans have this innate ability to take any normal food and then find a way to make it even fatter or sweeter.  Fat and sugar are definitely in excess here.  In this country, it seems that every type of food is available deep fried, but it’s not considered a novelty, it’s just normal.  Half the people that I work with drink soda first-thing in the morning.   In fact, the mayor has just successfully banned sugary drinks larger than a US (wuss) pint / 16 oz. / 473 mls in an attempt to ward off obesity.  Nevertheless, I feel that most of the people of NYC and its surrounds manage to avoid the common stereotype that we have of fat/stupid Americans.  The people around here seem more enlightened and European-influenced than I was expecting.  It’s very unlike the TV show that I’m watching right now called Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives where every meal seems to require grease as an ingredient and deep-frying as a rite of passage.

Soda ban –

5 Responses to “Slice o’ burger”
  1. sherine says:

    have you seen Man V Food? :) it always makes me wanna go to the US for some eating challenge!! also new shirt Nato?! Missed you in Essen….:(

    • Nato says:

      Yeah I like that show heaps; he’s a beast. And yep new shirt coz I threw those old ones when I left … even my favourite “Friday shirt”.

  2. Inane ability or inate ability?

  3. Nato says:

    Last night I had a slice of mac & cheese pizza. It was a surprisingly good carb-on-carb.

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