Fowl language

Thanksgiving is the season when all Americans are united in their common war against the bird, despite just recently being savagely divided over politics. I watched the highly-celebrated Macy’s parade of balloons and floats before attending not 1 but 2 Thanksgiving dinners, which was all the merrier for me. The 1st one, on Thursday, involved … Continue reading

The good times rolled

On a whim, I joined a few friends at a skee-ball bar named Full Circle in hip Williamsburg. I figured that this was an American activity that I should check out, plus the skee-ball and hot dogs were free (always a hit with me). The place didn’t disappoint. It was just like a regular decent … Continue reading

Zoltar speaks

I bumped into a Zoltar machine, which took me back to the 80s for a moment. Between Julie and me, I’m almost certain that one of us was whispering, “I wish I were big”. For the rest of the week, I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for a giant foot piano. The dodgy ripoff … Continue reading

Doing The Time Warp

I’ve always enjoyed The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and indeed have watched it a few times in my life. On Friday night, I had the pleasure of attending a midnight screening of it for an event where amateur actors also perform all the parts while standing in front of the screen. I had no idea … Continue reading

Renegade weather

Precisely a week ago, I was hanging out on my roof, with a flatmate, in nothing but shorts and a tee. Today, it’s 0 degrees and it’s snowing! How d’you like that, Australia? I do love the snow, so no complaints from me. I gave myself a couple of excuses to go and trudge around … Continue reading

The night was dark and stormy

Frankenstorm was the friendly name that we gave to Hurricane Sandy because it threatened to ravage NYC just prior to Halloween. It ended up causing wild devastation for some and dull boredom for most. Here was my experience: – Sunday: I performed The Thriller at my friend’s halloween party and opted to sleep over to … Continue reading