The night was dark and stormy

Frankenstorm was the friendly name that we gave to Hurricane Sandy because it threatened to ravage NYC just prior to Halloween. It ended up causing wild devastation for some and dull boredom for most. Here was my experience:

– Sunday: I performed The Thriller at my friend’s halloween party and opted to sleep over to avoid the impending chaos in downtown, rather than catch the last subway at 7pm.
– Monday: The power to downtown was cut for safety and I stayed uptown were Frankenstorm finally arrived at about 7pm to shake our tall building.
– Tuesday: All wind and rain had stopped by lunchtime and I ventured back to Chinatown with no electricity or heat and dismal phone reception.
– Wednesday: A few buses began operating while I stayed home to have a freezing shower and eat a hotdog made with a stale bun, packet frankfurts, mustard and brie cheese.
– Thursday: Most buses were running so I took some carnage photos at Battery Park and visited a friend in midtown to borrow some electricity.
– Friday: Local cleanups began downtown and power returned at 7pm. Most train lines around NYC and half of the subway lines are still down.

This was a very odd disaster for me. The only evidence of Frankenstorm that most people saw was green debris, mess scattered everywhere and a few fallen trees, but this is normal for a big storm. Real damage only occured in low-lying, flood-prone areas, and this flooding was not caused by rainfall but by a hurricane-crazed tide. Flooding was the reason for the downtown power cuts and the disabled subway, which brought the city to a halt. Most Manhattanites experienced only 24 hrs of storm and then saw no evidence of real damage anywhere nearby, yet they had to suffer life on-hold for a week as everything was shut. That’s what felt odd to me, firstly that the flooding wasn’t rain-induced and secondly that the disruptions were all caused by things far away from what most people could see. I felt it a bit more because I was in Chinatown with no power but the unlucky minority experienced massive property and business damages and forced evacuations.

Like A Hurricane –

One Response to “The night was dark and stormy”
  1. sherine says:

    am just glad you are ok….was good that you were with friends as well..

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