Renegade weather

Precisely a week ago, I was hanging out on my roof, with a flatmate, in nothing but shorts and a tee. Today, it’s 0 degrees and it’s snowing! How d’you like that, Australia? I do love the snow, so no complaints from me. I gave myself a couple of excuses to go and trudge around in it a bit.

In other news, we had the general election last night and retained Obama as president. Many parts of it I understood, like the 2-party dominance, the Senate and House of Reps because these things are quite similar in Australia and the UK. The one thing that always puzzled me, though, was the addition of voting for the president, and how that whole scenario worked. For example Obama had 50% of the voters going for him last night yet received 56% of the electoral votes, and his party didn’t even win the House of Reps (getting 43%). I did some googling and finally wrapped my head around it. It still seems weird to me, but I can see the reasons behind it now. Oh and I also learnt that the Secret Service’s codename for Obama is Renegade. That’s pretty cool.

Here’s 3 links that I found quite useful:


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