Doing The Time Warp

I’ve always enjoyed The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and indeed have watched it a few times in my life. On Friday night, I had the pleasure of attending a midnight screening of it for an event where amateur actors also perform all the parts while standing in front of the screen. I had no idea that this is a cult tradition that started way back in 1976 and still happens all around the world. Here in NYC, it is literally every single Friday and Saturday night. Who are these people that perform this for free every week? Die-hard fans. They’re all absolutely in love with the film and I suppose it makes sense that they’ve found like-minded people so that they can celebrate it together.

The costumes were top-notch and Frank-N-Furter was so good that we had an ongoing debate about whether or not he/she was actually a man or a woman. ¬†Audience participation has become a tradition, so even non-acting spectators are constantly shouting out witty lines in response to parts of the film. In truth, the shouting was quite distracting, but having real people play the parts live was a very entertaining way to re-watch this classic and unique film. It was nice to see them all kick back together in the pub afterwards, too. And yes, I did the time warp … again.

3 Responses to “Doing The Time Warp”
  1. kdisleaze says:

    OMG, I love that show, I went back in ’98 in a basque and heels and spent $2 on my bag of bread and rice to throw at the actors and crowd! Unfortunately some prick I was with got me to stick my hand up in the air when they asked if there were any virgins (to the show) in the crowd and I ended up getting picked and had to stand on the stage and fake an orgasm, it was horrendous!!! [I can see Nato that you forgot to mention that part of the night in your story above!!!]

  2. sherine says:

    wow kay….that sounds horrific – i was thinking it would be like the singalong rocky horror they have at the PCC (between the two i went for the singalong sound of music – i think that says alot about me) and the question is nato: did your stockings make an appearance?:)

    • Nato says:

      Thanks for making me sound like a cross-dresser, Reen ;> Nah I didn’t realise we were supposed to dress up, but at least my friend gave me a feather boa.

      It was just like you said Kay, not the more innocent sing-a-long style of the PCC. They got me up there but like a good strategist I bided my time until everyone was distracted, looking in the other direction, and then I legged it up the aisle and hid in the loo for a puse and a pee. True story.

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