The good times rolled

On a whim, I joined a few friends at a skee-ball bar named Full Circle in hip Williamsburg. I figured that this was an American activity that I should check out, plus the skee-ball and hot dogs were free (always a hit with me). The place didn’t disappoint. It was just like a regular decent pub with a few decent beers, but the addition of the skee-ball and hotdogs made it casual and quirky. The chance to have a few drinks with a few good friends while also enjoying a quaint activity proved to be a good mix. I’d played a few times as a kid but it quickly came back to me. On my first try I hit our group’s initial high of 270 and then reclaimed my lead later with an unanswered 450. 900 is perfect, so I have a ways to go if I want to make a career of it.

I also saw Wreck-It Ralph the next day and it was completely fantastic. The clever mix of nostalgic 8-bit and modern CGI was top-shelf, and the story was both great fun and adorable. Jane Lynch (from Glee) was badass.

Wreck-It Ralph –

One Response to “The good times rolled”
  1. kdisleaze says:

    I’m surprised they let you in to such a hip area! ;)

    I’ve never heard of skee-ball before, but I like playing with balls, so I’m sure I’d have fun! :D

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