Fowl language

Thanksgiving is the season when all Americans are united in their common war against the bird, despite just recently being savagely divided over politics. I watched the highly-celebrated Macy’s parade of balloons and floats before attending not 1 but 2 Thanksgiving dinners, which was all the merrier for me. The 1st one, on Thursday, involved mostly non-Americans so the plan was to have a turkey plus other non-traditional foods. Cooking almost completely transcends my skills, so I made the kid-tested, adult-approved, Australian delicacy known as fairy bread. It ended up being a decent nibbley before the turkey popped out and proffered its succulent breasts to us. Half of the room was vegetarian, so I got a whole heap of that bird all to myself.

The 2nd dinner, on Friday, involved more people and an extravagant menu, including fried chicken from a dinky-die southerner, home-made pumpkin pie ice-cream and a big bird. The crowd was quite diverse, but everyone mixed and mingled like old friends as we attempted to polish off the feast. We topped it off by playing a few games until the wee hours. Thanksgiving, for me, was a bloated time spent in the company of some really nice people. What am I thankful for right now? The people who “get” me.

As a side note, I passed my NY driving test on Friday. It was so much easier than an Australian test and only took about 15 minutes. Moms, keep your kids off the road.

Hilarious. US troops vs Dolphins Cheerleaders –

3 Responses to “Fowl language”
  1. Sounds like a good time to have two dinners

  2. kdisleaze says:

    That sounds like great fun! I was excited about the title of your posting here, but then was disappointed to find no swearing in it… :P

    Congrats on passing your NY driving test, I was going to go for mine as I wanted the ID, but after spending 6 hours on the phone to the DMV, I gave up! I have heard it’s a piece of piss though! ;)

    I was thinking of you yesterday and I went to a lecture at the British Library!

    • Nato says:

      Yeah. Govt. organisations seem to have a special ability to obfuscate information. It’s always there somewhere online, but you have to wade through so much crap to find what you really need.
      Nice. What lecture?

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