Slip ‘n Slide

I recently engaged myself in the traditional Australian pastime of slip ‘n slide. The basic premise of this activity is to lay down some plastic, get it wet and then throw yourself upon it. As you may imagine, injuries can be commonplace, so it is only with a high degree of skill and experience that … Continue reading

Four Jolly Santas

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of bumping into Santa … all four of them. They were chilling in Chinatown on their way to Santacon 2012 – a raucous event where throngs dress up as Santa/helpers and frolick around the city all day. It happens all over the world and apparently NYC is one of … Continue reading

Graham Pfefferkuchenhaus

Apparently the tradition of making gingerbread houses has passed from Germany and is now very popular here in the USA.  Who knew?  So it was with delight that I accepted an invite to join some friends in their sweet construction project.  We didn’t bake real gingerbread, because it’s a bit of a faff, but opted … Continue reading