Graham Pfefferkuchenhaus

Apparently the tradition of making gingerbread houses has passed from Germany and is now very popular here in the USA.  Who knew?  So it was with delight that I accepted an invite to join some friends in their sweet construction project.  We didn’t bake real gingerbread, because it’s a bit of a faff, but opted for the more realistic (and conspicuously American) Graham crackers.

Our hosts made some coloured icing, laid out a variety of decorative candies in bowls and then we went to town.  Some of us focussed on structural integrity and ingenuity while others made their houses a celebration of jam-packed candyness.  There were 9 of us but every house was a completely different shape and style, so we all really enjoyed watching each others’ progress.  I opted for an Australian A-frame-styled barn, which weirded everyone out.  I decorated the roof in a pretty fashion but, due to it’s steep faces, half of it slowly slipped to the ground.  My favourite was one guy who made an igloo by individually cutting his crackers into just the right shapes and glueing them into a dome with frosting.

With the addition of some eggnog and a few board games, this night was the perfect inaugeration of American Christmas festivities.

You know you’re in NYC when…
– Having no shooting or stabbing for 24hrs is some kind of record. This happened 2 weeks ago.–no-murders–shootings–stabbings-reported-on-monday

2 Responses to “Graham Pfefferkuchenhaus”
  1. Lloyd says:

    According to the link, New York is in line for about 400 murders this year. London, for the purposes of comparison had 125 in 2010 and 132 in 2009.

  2. Nato says:

    People here don’t say “tut tut” and stifle their emotions. Here, people get aggressive even if they think there’s a chance that they might want to be angry in the near future.

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