Slip ‘n Slide

I recently engaged myself in the traditional Australian pastime of slip ‘n slide. The basic premise of this activity is to lay down some plastic, get it wet and then throw yourself upon it. As you may imagine, injuries can be commonplace, so it is only with a high degree of skill and experience that one should try this. Or be a kid. Our plastic mat had a hose connector to provide a constant spray of water down the whole sheet. The water, combined with the incline that we placed it on, made for a speedy journey. The sudden, grassy stop at the end caused a little havoc with cheeks but that it is just part of the joy that is slip ‘n slide.

The 4 kids on the photo belong to my 2 married brothers. They’re a barrel of fun and I’d like to think that they regard me as the fun uncle. It’s good to be home and, yes folks, I have eaten Vegemite every day for breakfast.

You know you’re on the Gold Coast when…
– You sit at a cafe without a shirt and it’s not weird.

One Response to “Slip ‘n Slide”
  1. sherine says:

    Merry Christmas and all that jazz!! Look like you are one of the kids back home – I’ve been scoffing cheesymite scrolls and today frozen choc chill :) it’s nice to be home!

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