Look Mum, No Pants

Last Sunday, I took my pants off and rode the subway for a half-hour or so and walked around a park. Just another Sunday in New York. Why, you ask? The 12th Annual No Pants Subway Ride of course! No Pants is probably the most famous recurring stunt organised by Improv Everywhere, the NYC-based public scene-making group who also did the MP3 Experiment #9, which I attended last year. This year, No Pants attracted tens of thousands in 25 countries.

My friend and I joined 800 other soon-to-be-pantless revellers at the Central Park meeting point before doing a little planning and then swarming out into the streets towards the subway. We were supposed to de-pant onboard our 1st train but it was much too overcrowded. There was also a small boy sitting right next to me so the thought of de-panting in front of him made me feel like a dirty old man. Due to the overcrowding, our group awkwardly got off and on at various stops, whilst de-panting on the platform and somehow we all managed to be on the same train with our pants off by the time we reached Times Square station. The whole station came alive as flocks of bare legs swarmed through it to transfer onto a different line before we all converged with the other groups at Union Square, right in the heart of Manhattan.

Union Square quickly became one big pantsless dance party, as our cheery mob joined in with all the street musicians that we could find. My favourite part was watching our pantless hordes chant, “No pants! No pants!” as we tried to encourage random passers-by to take off their pants and join in. We did indeed convince some randoms to de-pant and join us, and this was met with loud exuberation from our merry band.

This event is not for everyone and indeed it causes much controversy and discussion every year. Some hate it while others adore it. Some see it as rude while others see it as harmless fun. Clearly, I’m the latter.

Official page and video – http://improveverywhere.com/2013/01/14/no-pants-subway-ride-2013/

3 Responses to “Look Mum, No Pants”
  1. kdisleaze says:

    I didn’t know if I wanted to read after the first sentence… Brave of you to do it, I don’t know whether I would especially in January!!! I wonder if there were any Europeans there that took their actual ‘pants’ off, as we call them here, now I would pay to see that!!! :P

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