Veni, vidi, meeple

January is normally a fairly quiet month for me, birthday-wise.  The only other person that I normally celebrate with is my twin, and that’s getting a bit stale after 33 years.  This year, I attended 2 birthdays and celebrated with 4 other people who all had theirs within a few days of mine.  Where have all you Aquarians been all my life?  Clearly here, in NYC.  Add to that the fact that Australia Day is the day after and it turned out to be quite a good weekend.

My favourite achievement was winning this super sweet trophy at Mike’s four-birthday/gaming/Australia-Day event.  Mike is a stage carpenter and his meeple + dice + catan hex trophy was masterful.  We had a special scoring system that covered a variety of board games throughout the day, and I came out on top by way of strategic gameplay and well-timed suggestion of a “special scoring system”.  My name may not be written in the annals of kings, but at least it’ll rest upon a chalkboard-meeple for a few months.

p.s. Happy birthday Bike, Jess, Chris and Escargot.

An Australian in New York…
– You know that moment when you’re at Subway and a woman comments on how much food they gave you and without thinking you nod excitedly and say, “Crikey!”  Yeah, me too.  And then you look away because she knows … that you wrestle crocodiles.

3 Responses to “Veni, vidi, meeple”
  1. Christene Pye says:

    Glad you found someone to celebrate with you
    I had a Black Russian for you and didn’t forget you day
    Seems only yesterday you arrived in this world, but when you get to my age 33 years passes quickly. Love Christene

  2. Happy birthday Nathan. I’d rather read your blog than the annals of any king.

  3. kdisleaze says:

    Awesome trophy!!!! Happy birthday Nato, King of gaming – this day!!! ;)

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