Last Friday a blizzard hit New York and the surrounds. I know these kind of events happen to other people too, but the locals here think that everything is so important when it affects NYC. I guess its population is half the size of my whole country. I love snow anyway, but the fact that my office building closed early was an added bonus. It was quite slow getting home because the air was thick with wafty whiteness and cars were backed up everywhere. I hit up a pub with a friend to try out my first tater tots (which is not so different from hash brown balls). When we came out, we noticed that the nearby sports field was still lit up and covered with a thick blanket, so we decided to go and play. We met a couple of English girls who had made a snowman and who were just as excited as us about the snow. We had a chat and a laugh before the lights went out and we headed home in high spirits. It was nice to see some good come out of all this recent sub-zero weather (or as the locals would perhaps say, sub-thirty-two).

Throwback to the empire:
– I had a British moment last weekend. I wanted a cookie so I brought out my 3-pack and asked my table of 6 New Yorkers if anyone wanted one. I think you know the rest of the story. I cried a little on the inside.

Have you seen the new Harlem Shake yet? It started in QLD. Here’s my 3 favs so far:
TSCS Original –
Norwegian Army –
Swim Team –

One Response to “Sub-thirty-two”
  1. Lloyd says:

    Damn animals, stealing your *biscuits*. Sometimes, I’m thankful there is an ocean in the way… :)

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