Cheeburger Cheeburger Challenge

Lately, I’ve been staying in Long Island for work, so I’ve checked out a few of the local restaurants, always in pursuit of something new and interesting. Last week, I stumbled into Cheeburger Cheeburger, which offers a tremendous variety of burgers, toppings and shakes – enough to keep any American on the last notch of their belt. I had a fantastic burger, sweet potato fries and shake but it wasn’t till the end that I realised I’d missed my chance to get my photo on the wall by eating their signature one-pounder burger. I smelled a challenge and I had to come back.

This week was my time to meet that challenge. I placed my order and, somewhere in the kitchen, a pounder’s knees started knocking together. I ate it in good time with nary a pause and the whole affair was over in a flash. The experience was almost a little boring. They put my photo on the wall and I learned from my waiter that they actually do a 2 pounder too but it’s not on the menu. Given the ease of the 1, I think I’ll have to return for the 2. The 1 looked like this

Why is the place called Cheeburger Cheegurger? It comes from a 1978 SNL skit with John Belushi, Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray.!watch/3533

2 Responses to “Cheeburger Cheeburger Challenge”
  1. Pop (although i refuse to listen to pop) says:

    Jord tried to order a 2 pounder at Maca’s but they told him it was against the law. Must be like the RSA (responsible service of alcohol) law applied to food.

  2. kdisleaze says:

    Congratulations on your burger marathon, but I do like how you call a cheeseburger joint a restaurant! Next you’ll be calling McDonald’s one as well! :P

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