Black Forest

Half-way across the world, in the sprawls of Long Island, I stumbled onto a little Deutsch gem called the Black Forest Brew Haus. It sports some wonderful european-style ales and a plethora of manly-sized seemingly-German food. I use the word seemingly because every ethnic food around NYC has got very different styles, dishes and names than I’m used to, having previously lived in 2 Commonwealth countries. I’m not sure if Americans have just accentuated/invented portions of the real menus, or if my previous 2 countries have just got it wrong. I’m going to assume the Americans are doing it wrong, because I spent a week travelling in Italy and never saw half of the Italian stuff that they dish up around here.

Anyhow, the American that owns this place has done something right with the beer. The waitress explained to me quite reverantly how he has devoted himself to perfecting his recipes and producing exceptional beers. He only sells it on tap, in the brew haus though, so I’m pleased that I stumbled onto this place and tasted its delights. My favourite beer was probably their chocolate doppelbock, which I’d never heard of before. My favourite food discovery was a flamecake, which has its origins in French farm food, and is basically a really thin, square pizza with just bacon, onion and cream. They have a dessert version with apple and cinammon that is equally divine. On my 1st visit I ordered so much food that I was compelled to offer pieces of my dessert flamecake to everyone around me. Most of them did the fake “no, I can’t” act until I forced them into succumbing to my sweet morsels.


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