Another Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise

I attended a weekend bartending bootcamp, just for kicks.  For each session, our instructor explained a category of drinks, then proceeded to make each cocktail in front of us before unleashing us onto our practise stations to make fake drinks for each other.  The instructor was really quick at making them and knew all the brands and quantities by heart so he was mesmorising to watch.  The course certainly was a lot of fun but I felt slightly bad knowing that I was just there to dick around when most of the class seemed to be starving students wanting to learn this for real employment.

There was no real alcohol; it was just coloured water that he prepared in big barrels for us to refill from.  Everything else was spot on accurate, though.  Every alcohol bottle was real, the tools and glasses were all arranged just right and we even had a little soda gun with coloured waters.  The end result was that when we made a pretty drink like a tequila sunrise with a rubber cherry on top, it actually looked tasty.

After just these few hours of tuition, I think I know enough about the tools and skills to make any drink behind a bar.  The 2 biggest problems would be memorising all the recipes and dealing with difficult crowds.  However, I think after you know all the recipes, you could move efficiently and just enjoy chatting to a lot of interesting (or vomiting) people.

The most surprising thing about bartending was seeing how much ice you use for every drink.  As a big fan of warm British ales, I guess I’ve never required much of that.  The biggest “aha” moment was when I realised what a well drink is – simply a basic drink using the no-name house spirits sitting in the well in front of the barman, as opposed to the fancy brands on display behind him.  After a year in the USA, nobody had yet been able to explain that to me.

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  1. kdisleaze says:

    Can I have sex on the beach please…?

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