I finally fulfilled a small dream of mine to go and see the Yankees last week.  I found a deal for Mastercard-only tickets in the bleachers for only $5!  As I walked up the subway stairs just by the stadium, it was like entering a crazy little world.  The roads were all blocked off to handle the teeming crowds and as far as the eye could see were vendors and shops touting Yankees memorabilia.  I do admire the blue and white pinstripe, but I just didn’t feel the need to buy a hat, shorts, shoes, jumper, lunchbox, backpack, dog coat or umbrella.

I’d seen the Mets before, but I really wanted to see the real NY team and experience the bleachers.  I think 3 key components make the bleachers feel unique: (1) they’re long benches rather than specific seats, (2) they’re under the big screens so you don’t get to see the close-ups unless you turn around, and (3) they’re more likely to be populated by the dregs of the stadium.  My memorable experences included a drunk man yelling obscenities about his mate’s mother, in front of nearby children, and seeing a pack of cholos get kicked out for insulting some guy’s girlfriend in Spanish, without realising that he knew Spanish too.  Those 2 incidents aside, it was a fun and festive night in the crowd of fans.  We won, too, in a nail biting 3:4 against Seattle.

My favourite moment was when the 8 or so pitch groomers came out and, in the middle of their grooming, performed the YMCA dance as the song blared around the stadium.  The whole occasion felt very NYC.  For $5, who wouldn’t enjoy seeing an iconic home team while observing the antics of the local populous?

Remember the goodness of The Sandlot Kids? – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVscCNZsYSY


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