Nice Ride

If you ever had a beer with me in London, then you probably suffered my numerous exhortations to try out the Barclays “Boris” Bikes.  You probably also saw me ride away from you with a swerve in my gait, a grin on my face and carrying a supremely confident air in the knowledge that I was taking the best method of transport home.  Indeed, I used them whenever possible and made a regular date out of bar-hopping on them with my boss, Kevin.

It turns out that these wonderful type of bike rental systems are all around the USA too!  Last week, I was in Minneapolis and I took the Nice Ride bikes all over the city and out to a peaceful lake.  This weekend, I’m in Houston and planning to take a B-Cycle along a grassy bayou.  Most importantly, just last weekend, I helped pioneer the brand new Citi Bikes in NYC.  I already had an annual membership waiting for me (you bet your ass I signed up the moment they were announced) and so, with a swipe of my little blue keychain, I was away, darting in and out of the yellow cabs in a similar fashion to the movie Premium Rush.

Why am I so irrevocably in love with these large, heavy, low-speed, driver-despised, tourist-carrying death machines?  Normal biking is already healthy, green, cheap and damn faster than walking.  Plus, with bike schemes like these, you shake all the risks of owning your own bike: worrying about weather, leaving it at a friends’, carrying a lock, carrying a light, worrying about its safety, general maintenance and repair.  It’s like owning a dog that never needs a poo, grooms itself and is always waiting just around the corner if you want to go for a walk.  Plus, I have it on good authority that they have a positive toning effect on my calves.

Bill Cunningham loves NYC’s new bikes –

6 Responses to “Nice Ride”
  1. mando19 says:

    How was the ride in the Big Apple?

    • Nato says:

      Fine. I took 4 or 5 trips. I didn’t tackle too many heavy roads but I didn’t try to avoid them either. In London, and I learnt that if you just move sensibly and confidently, the cars will respect your space. Plus, it’s New York … you gotta act confident right?

      • mando19 says:

        Well… Not just act confident you most need to be aware since our taxi drivers are not used to the lil bike road we have in the main time.

  2. kfullwood says:

    Hope you pay more respect to one-way streets in the USA. Red lights too!

    • Nato says:

      Hmmm. Nope, I pretty much act the same here. My excuse is red-green colour blindness. Actually what I’m worried about is a police sting I read about where they parked badly over a bike lane and then caught a guy as he rode up onto the footpath. Sheesh.

  3. kdisleaze says:

    Hey Mr Toned Calves!!

    ‘Why am I so irrevocably in love with these large, heavy, low-speed, driver-despised, tourist-carrying death machines?’ – that’s one of the funniest sentences ever!!!!!

    Have fun on your wee bikes! :)

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