Reen, y’all

It was through casual feed surfing that I noticed that one of my best London friends had posted a photo on Facebook of a meal she had just had in Houston, TX.  “What the … is she here?”, I thought.  A few texts later confirmed that she was indeed here for a mere 2 nights for work.  I’m only here for a 2-week work stint myself, so it was a pretty freaky, fortuitous happenstance of scheduling that brought us together.  It was fabulous to catch up and we did all the most important things that old pals do: chat about our friends, share some of our life struggles, feast on Tex-Mex and play a board game.  What more could one possibly want from a rendezvous?  I suppose beating Sherine at the board game would have been a better outcome.

2 Responses to “Reen, y’all”
  1. K says:

    Yay Sherine for beating Nathan!!! Hahahaaha!!!

    • sherine says:

      Freaky fortuitous happenstance is a brilliant description!:) hehehehe – what can i say? I was just better than you doesn’t happen often so am going to bask in victory in this little window of opportunity – so good to see you Nato perhaps holiday back in UK soon?? OR meet in Essen!

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