It’s a bird

2 weeks ago, my friend Julie finally had a chance to redeem her birthday voucher for an introductory flying lesson and was nice enough to take me with her. It was supposed to be educational and aimed at people who were starting their flight training, but we were just there to dick around and have … Continue reading

Toronto, eh?

Last month, I fulfilled a lifelong dream by travelling internationally for work. This wasn’t quite as exotic as it sounds because I was only just up the road from New York state, in Canada. At least working in Toronto gave me the chance to observe another new city and a new type of people. Two … Continue reading

Natural wonder of wet

I was in Toronto for work, which conveniently put me just a few hours drive away from Niagara Falls. As I approached the falls, a continuous tower of white mist mushroomed into the air, looking just like a plume of white smoke. When I was around 200-300 metres away, I began to feel droplets of … Continue reading