Natural wonder of wet

I was in Toronto for work, which conveniently put me just a few hours drive away from Niagara Falls. As I approached the falls, a continuous tower of white mist mushroomed into the air, looking just like a plume of white smoke. When I was around 200-300 metres away, I began to feel droplets of water on my face from this smoking plume as Newton’s theory brought them back to where they belonged. As I walked closer, the drops got heavier, and this was really the theme of the day. At Niagara Falls, being wet is inevitable and the amount just depends on how close you get.

The place was a dire tourist trap with thousands of wandering zombies paying money for boat rides, souvenirs and greasy hot dogs. I duly made my contribution and bought a ticket to the elevator/tunnel that goes down through the cliff face and comes out just to the side of the falls. It’s about as up-close-and-personal as you can get to the thundering deluge. Our thin yellow raincoats didn’t so much keep us dry as simply limit the dampness by making sure it all entered through our head/neck area. Taking photos down there was near impossible because the air was full of a relentless storm of drops in all directions.

The falls themselves surprised me. I’m used to thinking of waterfalls as tall and thin but this wasn’t very tall at all – only 17 storeys. The expansive width was the surprising part. The shape is a large, wide horseshoe where all the water pours in towards the center of the horseshoe. Indeed, the center of the horseshoe is slowly being eroded and thus the edge of the falls is slowly receeding. Fortunately the USA-Canada border runs directly up the center of the river, so they won’t need to fight about who owns the falls in future. Apparently 2,000 litres of water falls every second, which is a bit more than I can fathom. It was definitely an impressive sight and worth the trip.

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One Response to “Natural wonder of wet”
  1. K says:

    I was very excited about the title of this post, and then I realised you were talking about Niagra Falls…

    What a great experience, but you do look like a dick in that photo! Haha!

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