It’s a bird

2 weeks ago, my friend Julie finally had a chance to redeem her birthday voucher for an introductory flying lesson and was nice enough to take me with her. It was supposed to be educational and aimed at people who were starting their flight training, but we were just there to dick around and have fun, which made everything more enjoyable. Surprisingly, they offered to let us fly straight away and do the boring educational stuff later. I’d played a few airplane computer games as a kid so that had to serve as my pre-flight education.

10 mins later I was staring down the runway from the cockpit of a Piper Cherokee as our instructor, Udi, pointed to the many dials and told me what speed to take-off at. He pushed the throttle on and then left me to take-off unassisted, which turned out to be as simple as pulling back the joystick once we hit 70 mph. From there, we cruised around in a gradual circle out over the ocean before coming back for a landing. He let me do everything except the rudder, which was apparently a bit too tricky. As it turns out, flying is pretty easy. There’s almost nothing up there to run into, though a bird tried his best to get up close and personal to our propeller.

Once we landed, I jumped in the back to enjoy the view as Julie repeated the thrilling experience. Udi only touched the controls a few times when he wanted to scare her by pushing us into a few sudden nose-dives. Udi turned out to be a fab guy, making us laugh and explaining just enough to make us feel empowered and chilled at the same time. He even edited a little vid for us to take home and show everyone what a blast we had. This is your Captain, signing off.

Watch us fly and Julie crap her dacks at 11:09 –

3 Responses to “It’s a bird”
  1. Scott Ramsay says:

    Fantastic. Can’t wait to give it a go.

  2. sherine says:

    Glad the many years of playing Flight Simulator paid off!!:)

  3. kdisleaze says:

    I’ve just thrown up in my mouth!!!!

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