Here be Dragon Con

My nerd credibility took a hit last fortnight when I failed to realise that I was going to Atlanta during Dragon Con. Six of my NYC gaming buddies had travelled all the way solely for the con but I just happened to be there because work sent me to a customer. All the same, it … Continue reading

World of Coke

Work took me to Atlanta, Georgia, the home of Coke, so I figured I should check out the World of Coca Cola while I was there. My most anticipated part was the taste room, where we could taste 60 international Coke products. I was expecting to taste Coke from all over the world, but instead … Continue reading

Carpe Cronut

Have you heard of the cronut? It’s the latest craze in NYC – a hybrid pastry that lies somewhere between a croissant and a doughnut. Since being released in May 2013 from the boutique Dominique Ansel Bakery in SoHo, people have been lining up early every morning to purchase a maximum of 2 cronuts per … Continue reading

The jury rests

Being a citizen and now a resident of the USA makes me eligible for jury duty but it was still a surprise to receive a summons after being here for less than 2 years. And so, last Monday I found myself entering the local Chinatown courthouse which, luckily for me, was only 10 mins walk … Continue reading

Goodnight, sleep tight

With dread, I listened to my housemate as she explained that she’d been getting bitten in her bed for the past month and had finally realised that they were bed bug bites. Our landlord, to his credit, immediately organised an exterminator, so we prepared for his visit by spraying our clothes with Lysol and bagging … Continue reading