Carpe Cronut

Have you heard of the cronut? It’s the latest craze in NYC – a hybrid pastry that lies somewhere between a croissant and a doughnut. Since being released in May 2013 from the boutique Dominique Ansel Bakery in SoHo, people have been lining up early every morning to purchase a maximum of 2 cronuts per person at $5 a pop. The flavour is different every month. The tabloids have been rife with copycats, scalpers, craigslist profiteers, celebrities trying to jump the queue and executives forcing their assistants to stand in line. Some people go crazy over them. Some people go crazy at the people going crazy over them. I don’t like consumerist fads but I had some spare time so I figured what the heck, carpe cronut.

My research told me that you had to line up 2 hours early for a shot at a cronut so I woke up early and cycled out to grab my own little piece of pavement at 5:50am. The line of 200-300 was mostly comprised of students, hipsters and yoga women, or people that didn’t appear to have a need to be behind a desk by 9am. People were friendly and chatty and politely saved each others’ spots while they made coffee expeditions and the like. When the bakery opened at 8am, they handed out free, hot madeleines to us all to sustain us for the 1-2 hr wait that it would take to process the herd.

I captured the next moment in a postcard to a friend …

At 9:15 I finally made it in and bought my 2 lumps of heaven. Others were strolling in to buy coffee and slices as though cronuts didn’t exist and this was just another day at their local. The cronut mostly felt like a large, crispy, sugared doughnut. As I sank my teeth in, the mascarpone cream pouring onto my leg was divine and offset by the crunchy layers within. The layers seemed thinner than on the photos. In fact, it felt more like a custard danish with crispy layers and wobbly innards, but then surrounded by a really crispy donut casing with heaps of sugar. Its difficulty to describe was only matched by its perfection.

Cronut Bakery –
Cronut Haters –

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  1. kdisleaze says:

    That is fucking psychotic!!!!

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